About Company Sponsorship

A Day in the Life Programme

Sponsorship is an ideal way for your company to reach its target audience whilst receiving real business benefits; such opportunities can be tailored to meet company objectives. We have an incredible CSR iniative called A Day in the Life programme whereby a company sponsors an individual day of the day that has meaning for them and their company – such as founders day, training day, in memory of a beloved colleague; only you know what day is special to you. Through your sponsorship you cover the costs of meeting all the childrens needs including their medical and nursing staff and all their social supports.

With 365 days in the year to be covered we can tailor your particular day to you and your company, placing you center stage on our website, LinkedIn, Social network sites telling everyone of the real impact that your company is making in the lives of those so vulnerable. There is no stronger CSR message than supporting those more vulernable in their time of need.

The costs are very managable and can be paid monthly at only €100/month or a yearly payment of €1,200

For more information on this incredible programme please click on the link HERE

A range of benefits can be introduced to your business via sponsorship, including:

i)   Branding
ii)  PR via association with a good cause
iii) Communicating a positive message to your target audience
iv)  Demonstrating corporate social responsibility
v)  Access to new customers
vi)  Increased business

Case Studies:

Gowan Motors Group  very generously donated a 7 seater Peugeot Van to ORM. It has proved invaluable for transporting staff to and from the Orphanage, children for routine check ups, transporting of volunteers and children to events, shopping trips for food, clothing & medications for the children.

Bernard Kavanagh and Sons Ltd very generously donated a 56 seater Scania coach to ORM. It has been invaluable for the transport of children on sponsored supervised days out, to bring them on mini breaks away from the orphanage and to provide pickup and drop off of the wonderful volunteers that give up their time to work with the children in Moldova
The Corr’s Musical Band very generously donated an 8 seater, all weather 4×4 Land Rover to ORM that has provided invaluable assistance in the harsh weather conditions of the Moldovan winters. It has a roof rack that allows us to transport the wheelchairs with safety on visits out the children. It is a number one vehicle for transport of construction materials.

Jury’s Doyle Hotel Group The company staff very generously provided an exact replica of the play area at Dublin’s Zoo for the children of Hincesti Orphanage.