Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving, also known as ‘Give As You Earn’ (GAYE), is a term used to describe the charitable donations deducted from an employee’s salary. Many individuals choose this method of giving as a simple, hassle free method of giving. Many companies set up a scheme in work whereby they encourage employees to join and give to a number of designated charities.

Maybe you or your company or organisation could choose ORM as your nominated charity?


How Does it Work?

An employee authorises his/her employer to deduct regular charitable donations to Outreach Moldova from his/her pay. This is a standard form that is given to the company’s payroll department or HR department for processing.

Download the ORM Payroll Giving Form you need here.  (Remember to always keep a copy of this form for your files and return a copy to us so we can keep track of your donation)


Why is Donating through Give As You Earn so Beneficial?

GAYE creates a regular flow of funds for Outreach Moldova to support the costs involved in programmes for these vulnerable children. ORM also benefits further; as an Irish Registered Charity for Tax purposes; we can apply for relief on the tax paid on your charitable donation which will be then be added to your original donation, stretching your assistance even further!


How does this Tax Benefit work?

On the Department of Revenue –Charities Section website you will see a CHY3 Cert for income tax relief for Charitable donations. You can fill in the CHY3 Cert and send it back to us – thus giving us your authorisation to claim back the tax paid on your ORM Charitable donation. It couldn’t be simpler. It is first step in making your money grow for children in need.