Sponsor a Nanny

When you sponsor a nanny with ORM you can help provide hands on care for orphaned and abandoned children, children with disability, children with terminal illness and often their whole communities. It takes an army of people to care for the specific needs of all the children and that includes (but is not limited to) feeding, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, safe accompaniment to activities such as rehab, speech and language etc. Basically these wonderful women provide the 24 hour a day care that is needed in a child's life from the moment they wake up to the moment they fall asleep. They also watch over them while sleeping. They are there where the parents are absent. If is a very difficult job but without them the children wouldn't have a fighting chance during the day. Many of the children are paralysed or have degrees of paralysis and depend on these women for everything from brushing their teeth to giving them fluids and nutrition.

For less than €2 a day (less than a cup of coffee a day), you can make a real and lasting difference to a vulnerable child just when they need it most. You can provide towards the cost of a support staff member for 12 months in the orphanage.

The nature of sponsorship funding means we can commit to making these long-term changes in their lives, not just quick fixes. We can plan for their future and give them stability, hands on care and support when needed.

This programme is open to everyone. - you can fill in the form below or follow this link https://outreachmoldova.enthuse.com/Sponsor-a-Nanny

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