Benefits for your company

A partnership with ORM will provide an opportunity for your company to demonstrate Corporate social responsibility by sending a positive message to key stakeholders and demonstrating a clear commitment to helping vulnerable children.

How we will work with youWe have over 50 projects from which we can identify suitable themes to focus your fundraising efforts. We provide regular progress meetings and feedback reports form a vital part of the relationship.

Why work with ORMORM is a small sized Charity. This means we can be flexible and our focused approach allows us to make an impact on the areas we work. We create impact by:

• Employing locally in our Moldovan projects. This increases employment levels and strengthens the workforce in countries with fragile and weak infrastructure.

• Placing the child at the core of all our work. This includes focusing our resources on the most vulnerable and marginalised children: those that have the most unfulfilled rights to health, education and secure livelihoods.

• Always thinking practically in our work. We make sure that our projects, and the benefits they bring, can be sustained by the local community after we have left. We do this by involving staff, communities, local administration and national government in the work we do.