Who we are



Mission statement

Outreach Moldova is dedicated to providing human rights, medical care and social inclusion for children that have been abandoned or orphaned, children with special needs and children with terminal illnesses in the Republic of Moldova.

Core values

Core Values

Collaboration and Cooperation with those who share common goals
Organsiation and Openness to provide for those in need
Respect for human dignity
Enhance quality of life through appropriate care
Value the input of those who want to help and hear all voices
Assist wherever possible and advocate human rights
Learn from those around us
Understand that no one person can make a change, it takes an entire community
Enable those whom circumstance has managed to disable
Strive for sustainability


The goal of ORM is to provide immediate and ongoing assistance where necessary, provide the necessary training and supervision required, assist in and develop long-term, self-sustaining programs that will have a positive and lasting impact in the lives of these needy children and their care givers. We also strive to provide for the communities working with these children.
How do we achieve this goal?
We work the belief that each life matters. In partnership with the Moldovan people we hope to change the way people think about and define both “disability” and illness;

We hope to break down and end the internalized shame among people with disabilities; and promote the belief in society that disability is a natural and beautiful part of human diversity in which people living with disabilities can take pride.


ORM’s vision is that each person who is physically, mentally or socially disadvantaged deserves to be given special treatment, education and appropriate care required by their particular condition regardless of circumstance.

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